Student Poster Presentation and Research
5:30 PM - 8:30 PM
UMMC School of Health Related Profession Auditorium
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Student Poster Presentation and Research
Continuing Education Meeting
April 19th, 2018

5:30-6:30: Student Poster presentations on current research within Physical Therapy (.1 CEU) 

6:30-7:30 “Idea to Invention” Nelson Ware PT (.1 CEU)

7:30-8:30 “The Schroth Method: A Scoliosis Treatment” Elizabeth Rich PT (.1 CEU)

UMMC School of Health Related Profession Auditorium

If you are an MPTA member and attend the poster presentations get all three CEUs for 20.00, or attend lectures for 20.00 for 2 CEUs. If you are a non MPTA member and attend the presentations get a free CEU with 60.00 for 2 hours lecture. 

Please email Michael Wilkerson, to reserve a seat for this conference

Presentation Topics

7 Occupational therapy student poster titles:
The Stages of Disaster: A Survey of Occupational Therapy Practitioners’ Knowledge, Engagement, and Attitudes
Exploring the Role of Occupational Therapy in Dyslexia Intervention
16-Week Advanced Experiential Component in the Occupational Therapy Doctorate Program
Occupational Therapy and Pediatric Feeding Disorders: Practice Patterns and Barriers to Success
The Effects of a Pre-Counseling Session on Student Responses to Gross Anatomy Lab
Key Components of Handwriting: A Retrospective Study on Kindergarten and First Grade Students
Advancing Professionalism in Occupational Therapy Students Through Peer Mentoring Programs

12 Physical therapy student poster titles:
Neuromuscular training interventions on the prevention of primary anterior cruciate ligament injuries in female soccer players: a systematic review
Aquatic Therapy Effects on Balance, Gait, and Quality of Life in Patients with Parkinson’s: A Systematic Review
Effectiveness of Resistance Training on Pain and Quality of Life in Women with Breast Cancer: A Systematic Review
Qualitative Effects of Cultural Immersion on the Education of Healthcare Professionals: A Systematic Review
Long-term Functional Outcomes in Patients with Cerebral Palsy Post Selective Dorsal Rhizotomy: A Systematic Review
Effects of Early Mobilization on Improving Functional Outcomes in Mechanically Ventilated  Patients in the Intensive Care Unit: A Systematic Review
Non-invasive cranial electrostimulation interventions & pain, functional status, and quality of life in patients with fibromyalgia: A systematic review
The Reliability and Validity of Observation Gait Assessment Tools in Children with Cerebral Palsy: A Systematic Review
Virtual/Augmented Reality Training as an Intervention for Balance in Older Adults: A Systematic Review
Incidence of Falls in the Elderly Population with Eye Disease: A Systematic Review
The Effects of Vitamin D on Falls and Fall Risks in Older Adults: A Systematic Review
Effects of Lokomat training on gait speed in patients with chronic stroke: A systematic review