Mississippi Governor, Phil Bryant, signed House Bill No. 309 on May 9th regarding the Mississippi Physical Therapy Licensure Compact Act.

May 10, 2017

May 9, 2017, was a great day for physical therapists, physical therapist assistants, and patients in Mississippi and the entire nation. Mississippi Governor, Phil Bryant, signed House Bill No. 309 today regarding the Mississippi Physical Therapy Licensure Compact Act.

Read here about how important this bill is: http://www.apta.org/PTinMotion/News/2017/4/26/CompactWashington/. The decisive action of the legislators have put the state of Mississippi in a valuable position to create legislation that affects the entire nation.


Josh Farley, MPTA President: "This was such a true team effort. Special thanks goes to Steve Corbitt for his commitment and skill in getting this legislation passed and to each and every board member, past and present. Without the hard work and foundation laid by Neva Greenwald, Tom Hester, David Herrington, Sylvia McCandless, Christi Mills, and all the members of their respective boards, we could not have been in a position to move the profession forward there. We also need to thank the board and staffs at the FSBPT and the MSBPT for being visionaries in developing and pressing to adopt this landmark legislation."


Neva Greenwald, former chair of the University of Mississippi Physical Therapy Program and catalyst for change: "The members and staff of the 2010 Mississippi State Board of Physical Therapy Delegates and The Federation of State Boards of Physical Therapy are pleased to see the Idea of a compact for physical therapy finally occur. In Mississippi, special thanks to Josh Farley, Lisa Barnes, Carmen Oguz all members of the MPTA, the members of the Chapter, Licensure Board Members and Steve Corbitt for making Mississippi a leader in this historic endeavor. Patient access is being enhanced with this legislation."

Thank you to Sen. Dean Kirby, Chairman of the Senate Public Health & Welfare Committee who authored the Senate bill. Thank you to Sen. Brice Wiggins who handled the bill while in the Senate. Thak you Rep. Sam Mims, Chairman of the House Public Health & Human Services Committee who authored HB 309 that was ultimately signed by the Governor. Thank you to Rep. Brad Touchstone who handled HB 309 in the committee and on the floor of the  House.