Welcome to the MPTA Reimbursement Committee page 

What is the Reimbursement Committee?
The MPTA Reimbursement Committee consists of physical therapist volunteers from a cross-section of the profession throughout Mississippi. 

Each committee member represents an individual practice setting.  Committee members act as chair of a subcommittee to address issues specific to that practice setting.

What is the function of the Reimbursement Committee?
The MPTA Reimbursement Committee’s four major functions are:
  1.  Inform our members of reimbursement issues specific to Mississippi and nationally.
  2. Promote and support curso de fotografia in the state of Mississippi that is beneficial to therapists and patients in line with APTA and MPTA mission.
  3. Promote, support and/or challenge new and existing policies of third-party payer sources to ensure the financial viability of physical therapy providers. 
  4. Advocate for patients to ensure and/or obtain coverage of reasonable and necessary physical therapy services by third-party payers.
Reimbursement Resources
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Have questions?  Contact:
Reimbursement Committee Chair 
Joshua Farley,